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I have had the privilege of participating in Dr. Alinsod’s intensive one-on-one training in advanced aesthetic vaginal surgery. As an accomplished fellowship-trained urogynecologist and reconstructive pelvic surgeon with an emphasis on vaginal rejuvenation, I feel my time spent with Dr. Alinsod was invaluable. I have now implemented an office based aesthetic vaginal surgical program which benefits both my patients and my practice. Observing Dr. Alinsod’s superior surgical skills and distinctive approach to aesthetic vaginal surgery, with the patient comfortably awake and without an I.V., was illuminating. I did not think it was possible till I saw it with my own eyes. I have added the techniques which he taught me to my current armamentarium of aesthetic vaginal surgery.

As a board certified plastic surgeon performing aesthetic vaginal surgery, I sought the expertise of Dr. Alinsod to refine my skills and expand my knowledge base. I found the education I received invaluable and would highly recommend it for surgeons just beginning to explore this opportunity as well as for those wishing to master the intricacies of the operation. I was grateful to leave Chicago for a break to study on a bright sunny day in Dr. Alinsod’s office overlooking the Pacific Ocean. His fully equipped operatory suites and expansive office allowed sufficient room to accommodate myself as well as my staff for a lecture in his audiovisual conference area and surgical observation. He provided obscure and essential details that have been gained from his practice. He was meticulous in his explanations covering all aspects of the various procedures from consult to pre-op eval to photography to surgical assist to equipment setup and spec to post-op care and follow-up. The “hands-on” participation during the procedure was extremely valuable and insightful. The instruction even included an enlightening lab exercise to demonstrate comparable methods (laser, radiofrequency, and electrosurgery) of labiaplasty which I found eye-opening. I appreciated receiving educational materials and a starter set of vaginal retractors specially designed by Dr. Alinsod for the vaginoplasty procedure. He discussed many pearls and graciously offered proprietary publications which have obviously taken years to develop. We discussed key issues such as marketing advice, web site design/positioning, and print advertising. He also openly presented his contacts for each of these services and was most willing to provide introductions. His printed materials included an extraordinarily detailed syllabus and practice management resources. He welcomed my questions and answered them thoroughly. I benefited tremendously from the interdisciplinary exchange of information. Given the lack of published materials on this subject, I looked into many of the other training opportunities and was extremely pleased with my choice of Dr. Alinsod. This experience provided the best value for the time and monies spent.

In June 2010 I had the privilege of spending two days observing six pelvic support, sexual enhancement and genital cosmetic procedures at the hands of a gifted and innovative surgeon.

Although I am a long-experienced gynecologic, genital plastic and female cosmetic surgeon, and both teach and lecture on the subject, the two days I spent with Red were flush with new ideas about technique, helpful and innovative equipment, and office set-up. I was treated like an honored guest by both Dr. Alinsod and his kind and efficient staff.

I recommend Dr. Alinsod as a surgeon, an innovator, a mentor and a “mensch.” To prospective trainees, I would recommend him as a gifted teacher who unquestionably “has his act together” when it comes to one-on-one training in all aspects of, and innovation in, women’s genital plastic, cosmetic and pelvic support surgery. His courses are well organized; Red is very giving of his time, experience, and technique, including the important aspects of in-office analgesia/anesthesia, marketing, purchasing (capital expenditures and disposables) and office setup for these procedures.

Michael Goodman, M.D.

My staff and I had the privilege of spending 4 full days with Dr. Alinsod at his Laguna Beach office. The instructional cases covered the entire range of aesthetic vulvovaginal surgery and Dr. Alinsod carefully made sure that I saw and experienced each operation as if I were doing the case myself. Dr. Alinsod is a master surgeon, extremely skilled not only in surgery but in explaining each step of his procedures so that they are clear to the visiting surgeon. Dr. Alinsod prepared a comprehensive syllabus and his lectures were enjoyable and precise. As a plastic surgeon who has been performing labiaplasty for over 12 years, I left with new knowledge, new techniques, and felt the course will be of great value to my practice. Dr. Alinsod freely shared his vast knowledge of anatomy and vulvovaginal surgery, giving me the confidence to add to my armamentarium of cosmetic gynecologic procedures. I would highly recommend this course to fellow plastic surgeons and to other surgeons who want to learn from a world-wide leader in the field.

Francisco L. Canales, M.D.

As a long-time practicing plastic surgeon I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Red Alinsod’s one-on-one preceptorship. After researching the courses available in the United States, I came to the conclusion that Dr. Alinsod is the most skilled and credentialed of vaginal surgeons and one with the best teaching preceptorships around. The course itself was very well organized and I was exposed to a wide variety of vaginal procedures. Content materials were excellent. I was able to bring my staff, which meant that we received all the information to start vaginal rejuvenation procedures immediately. I am very happy to say that this part of my practice continues to grow and that there is a definite pent-up demand for these services. I feel that the hands-on approach of Dr. Alinsod’s program are invaluable. All in all it was a great time and an excellent investment. I will be happy to talk to you about my experiences.

Johan Brahme, MD

Spending time in the operating room with a surgeon as experienced as Red Alinsod was inspiring, and has further improved my technical expertise and range of options available to my patients interested it aesthetic vaginal surgery. Laguna Beach is beautiful , and Red is a very generous and entertaining host!

Wesley Anne Brady, M.D.
Medical Director