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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Red Alinsod and his staff for spending the time with me to offer what can only be described as the BEST reconstructive pelvic surgery course. What most preceptor programs forget is that the “customer” is the King/Queen. Dr. Alinsod has clearly spent valuable time to train his staff in customer service which was extended in the most courteous manner to myself and a fellow trainee.

Without doubt Dr. Alinsod’s clinical expertise and knowledge base is excellent. I was also impressed by his surgical skill and finesse. His bedside manner and relationship with his patients was refreshing, a gift sadly lacking in some colleagues who offer preceptor courses.

I flew half a day to attend this course and without hesitation I recommend any surgeon interested in attending a structured well organized course to consider Dr. Alinsod’s preceptor program.

Dr. Alinsod can be described as a man with sincerity and great humility. As simply stated by Benjamin Franklin: “Humility makes great men twice honorable”

I had the pleasure of taking Red’s private course this week and I am very happy that I made the trip. Although I have had a successful cosmetic gyn practice for several years, he provided me with some very useful tips and ideas that will be extremely helpful to me in my practice. Red’s openness and willingness to share his enormous knowledge and experience is refreshing, and I highly recommend that anyone in this field, new or experienced, spend some time one on one with him to absorb as much as possible. I hope to come back soon and enjoy the great company and the amazing Laguna Beach weather!

I am Swiss board certified gynaecologist and surgeon and had the privilege to attend a full preceptorship with Dr Alinsod. Going straight to the point: this was a highlight and the most interesting and enriching post graduate training I have done and the best investment time and resource wise.

Many thanks to you dear Red for the new insights you gave and the human bonds made during this intensive week. I especially enjoyed the tips and tricks you gave which make all the difference at the end of the day. I was able to witness your human and compassionate attitude towards patients. My patients at the Swiss Institute are grateful to me for what I learnt from you. The experience was unique and I look forward to our maintained fellowship. With all my gratitude and thanks.

It was a pleasure and a most rewarding experience to attend Red Alinsod’s preceptorship in esthetic vaginal surgery. As a newcomer in the field, notwithstanding a 25 years experience in the area of gynaecological pelvic surgery, I was amazed to be taught a number of delicate procedures and « tricks » I was not aware of. Red Alinsod’s longstanding and outstanding expertise was conveyed with an extreme patience, a very rare gift of didactics, and a message of a lot of care and respect for the patient on the top of it. Indeed, Red a lot of thanks for paving my way towards this very delicate and somewhat « artistic » side of surgery, I do hope that our collaboration will strenghten in the years to come, for the best sake of patients in need of repair in this most delicate part of their anatomy. Warmest regards!

As a board certified plastic surgeon, I was very interested in finding what solid clinical material might be available to understand more fully the concept of “vaginal rejuvenation.” My search led to Dr. Red Alinsod, a Board Certified Gynecologist in Laguna Beach, California, whose practice consists exclusively of reconstructive and aesthetic procedures in the female perineal area. Not only does he have a busy clinical practice, but he teaches frequently.

I personally took a 10-hour preceptorship with him. The day began early with about 2 hours of well illustrated didactic material. We then interviewed the first surgical patient, and he demonstrated the standard photographic views, which are fairly complex even for a very experienced photographer. He discussed her procedures and the indications for it and then my surgical nurse and I saw these procedures done in Dr. Alinsod’s surgical suite under local anesthetic and mild sedation. Dr. Alinsod discusses the procedure and the anatomy the entire time and is a natural teacher. The first procedure included reduction labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation. This involves a true anatomic recreation of a tighter, more functional vagina, as well as a lot of attention to aesthetic details. The labiaplasty was meticulously performed and repaired with the skill we appreciate in plastic surgery.

The second procedure was a vaginoplasty and reconstruction of the hymen; the patient was encouraged to discuss with us the reasons for the surgery and we found them very interesting.

I gained a new respect for this field and certainly for Dr. Red Alinsod, and would recommend him highly for anyone seeking a good one-on-one preceptorship. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at my office at 864 583-1222.

I am a gynecologist in Santa Fe, NM. My aesthetic practice is the Women’s Center for Aesthetic & Vaginal Rejuvenation. I researched which course I wanted to take and have had absolutely no regrets I chose to take Dr. Alinsod’s course in vaginal rejuvenation. I had an exceptional time training with Dr. Alinsod. He is an extremely talented surgeon and is very open to share his knowledge and techniques. His meticulous technique was very important to me as I also am a perfectionist when it comes to surgery. He was fun and pleasant to be around. His staff was very accommodating and made me feel welcome. His techniques do produce results women are looking for and the results speak for themselves. I have been back several times to watch him work and he has always been very accommodating to allow me to observe whenever I come out to Laguna Beach. He takes the time necessary to give his patients the necessary preop instructions and never makes his patients feel rushed. I was also impressed with his bedside manner.

I would highly recommend Dr. Alinsod’s aesthetic course in vaginal rejuvenation over any other available courses. His friendly personality, his expertise and openness to share his techniques is invaluable in a training course. He is also talented in photography and using his website to the fullest. He also shares his techniques on how to take photos at the right angles to enhance your work. He also has a very successful Urogynecology practice. You come away feeling as though you have a friend and mentor for life. Thank you Red.

Just thought I would drop you a note to thank you for teaching me in 2006 how to do the TOT. I have done about 50 now and with the exception of the one erosion and the one failure early on, it has been one of the more gratifying procedures that I have learned to do. My patients are thrilled with the results and it is really life changing for them. For the last 20 years, we have a very busy OB service and I learned from the best (my older partners and mentors) so I do a lot of forceps and tricky vaginal deliveries which probably contribute to a higher rate of SUI. Patients are glad to not have major surgery to have their babies, but I think the trade off is more incontinence. It is great to be able to offer them a corrective procedure that is low risk and has such great results. Thank you for teaching me good technique and holding my hand through the first few so that I became confident enough to be able to offer the procedure without reservation to patients that I have a long term relationship with and feel very responsible for. Hope all is well with you.

Karen Callen