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I am practicing gynecology in Istanbul, Turkey. Since the beginning of my career, my interest was in aesthetic surgery and after specializing in gynecology, I sought to specialize in both aesthetic vaginal and pelvic floor surgery. For a long time, I dug deep into the internet for someone who provided a teaching course and found Dr. Alinsod. I decided to take his Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery course because of his world-renowned reputation on this subject. I researched all the training programs available in the U.S. and the world and found out that Dr. Alinsodís program is second to none. It is the best teaching available for learning the new field of aesthetic vaginal surgery. His expertise in both reconstructive vaginal surgery and aesthetic vaginal surgery and in urogynecology makes the decision easy and sound. He has invented most everything that is new in the field of aesthetic vaginal surgery. Why go elsewhere when you can go to the source of brilliant techniques. So I flew over 20 hours to California for this opportunity.

When I came to Laguna Beach, I met a kind, helpful, and happy person. We were instant friends. He infused his surgical skills into me and taught me his finer points on aesthetic vulvovaginal and pelvic floor surgery. We did cases for an entire week mostly in his office. Amazing feats of surgery with the patient awake and comfortable, truly useful in countries such as mine where cost savings are very important. He showed me an amazing new technique for hymenoplasty which will be helpful to those nations that are doing hymenoplasty in large numbers. You would be surprised about the innovation of his technique and the fantastic results he has achieved with this surgery. Patients from all over the Middle East and the world travel to Laguna Beach to take advantage of Dr. Alinsodís compulsion for perfection.

I thank Dr. Alinsod for his kindness, for his smiling face and hospitality. I greatly appreciate the time he spent with me. We will be friends for life and I look forward to Dr. Alinsodís visits to Europe. I would also like to thank Laureen, Tasha, Maria and Diane. I hope to meet you again in the near future.

Sailing through the internet I came to know about Dr. Alinsod through his web page. It was really great for me to take my training with him and get certified by America Academy of Cosmetic Gynecology in Oct 2007. He, as a urogynecologist and aesthetic vaginal surgeon, is an innovated man with great ideas for converting, through surgery, something beautiful. The time I was with him in the training, he taught me to be very precise in the techniques, and how to get great results. For me, as a urogynecologist also, it was easier for me to understand his techniques and apply them along with the pelvic reconstructive surgery. He is a very nice, human, patient and professional teacher. I had a great time at South Coast Urogyecology center in Laguna Beach. Thank you, Dr. Alinsod.

I have always had a passion for vaginal reconstructive surgery. Therefore, when I decided to take the next step in my training. I not only looked for someone with excellent surgical skills and on the cutting edge of cosmetic vaginal surgery but someone who could inspire me to see things in a whole new light. Dr. Red Alinsod did just that, he generously shared his wealth of experience and outstanding surgical skills but even more so, he mentored me in how to reconstruct my practice and inspired me to take my surgical skills to a whole new level and direction. Both he and his staff have been phenomenal in every which way.

I have had the pleasure of observing Dr. Red Alinsod doing reconstructive surgery, in a lecture setting and as a consulting physician in my own operating room. His skill as a gynecologic surgeon is exciting to observe. As an educator he has the ability to make difficult concepts and techniques easy to understand and to translate into practice. A patient can find no better surgeon for urogynecologic problems. And any surgeon who has the privilege to observe him will benefit greatly. He is certainly one of the finest Urogynecologist in the country.

I had an amazing experience during my preceptorship! I learned various techniques for pelvic floor reconstruction that I can't wait to apply in the OR. My experience in those 4 days were invaluable. I had the opportunity to see both inpatient pelvic reconstruction cases, suburethral sling placement, and outpatient aesthetic vaginal surgeries which included clitoral hood reduction, labiaplasty, and vaginoplasty.

You are a great teacher and your way of teaching is very efficient and thorough. I wouldn't trade the experience of training with you over anyone else. It was worth traveling across the country. Your knowledge in the field, I believe, is unsurpassable as well as your bedside manners. I did my research on physicians trained in labiaplasty and I know I made the right choice because not only does one learn the aesthetic portion, one learns the proper anatomy and technique needed for pelvic reconstruction. I can't foresee any physician who desires training in pelvic reconstruction or aesthetic vaginal surgery ever regret doing the preceptorship with you or ever think they have been short-changed.

I highly recommend this preceptorship! Thanks again!

I would like to offer my thanks for your excellent training. When I was researching the place to get training in this new area I contacted peers and assessed the local knowledge base and training and found it grossly wanting. I was aware of training offered in Los Angeles and Florida but after contacting others I felt the presentation of Dr Red Alinsod and the American Academy of Cosmetic Gynaecology was the best choice. So I flew half way around the world to train with them I am was glad I did. The course was well prepared, well resources and well presented. I felt that in the environment I undertook that training I learnt efficiently and when I was assess on my knowledge by Dr Alinsod the learning reflect his trust in my skills. I was able to start doing cases on my return and Dr Alinsod and the American Academy of Cosmetic Gynaecology have both offer excellent ongoing support and I look forward to being an active member as the special interest area gains international interest. I would endorse the training and be happy to discuss this with any potential candidates.

Dr Les Blackstock, Medical Director

As a board certified gynecologist, I am dealing with high numbers of vaginal operations and my interest is focused on urogynecology and pelvic relaxation problems. I decided that my next goal was to increase my patientís quality of life as high as possible and to expand my knowledge regarding the sensitive pelvic and vaginal areas and focus my education on the cosmetic and aesthetic procedures that my patients are asking for.

After spending a great deal of time searching on the web, I found Dr. Red Alinsod. I also found too many other respectable colleagues, who offer such education. To be honest, I did not know any of them, since I am from far away Greece. I decided to contact Dr. Alinsod because of his reputation, professionalism, and great love of his job. My first impression was completely right since he answered my phone call almost immediately the same day. We had first contact by the phone and he gave me the feeling that my long travel to USA will be easy and very well organized. I received from this gentleman a full time education! He taught me all of his techniques and tricks over the week of surgeries. His staff looked after me at the maximum and of course we had a great time late in the afternoons to enjoy beautiful Laguna Beach.

After my return to Greece, I started immediately to perform all the new skills I acquired and using the knowledge I have received. I felt my surgical skills touched the very highest standards and my patients appreciated all of this. I feel respect for Dr. Alinsod and I am sure that he will be beside me any time I need him to support my practice in any way.