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Dear Dr. Alinsod,

I was in yesterday for my IUD and polyp removal. I am so happy to report to you how well I am doing. After months of irregular bleeding, long heavy periods and breast tenderness all my symptoms are gone in one day. By yesterday evening I had no more ache and no more spotting. Felt better than I have in months.

I am so grateful to you for your amazing skills that allowed these procedures to be taken care of right then and there. Both my labiaplasty last December and yesterdays procedures were much less scary during the process than my fear of them. Both you and Maria (she's my mental comfort zone) make things so mentally reassuring and physically comfortable as possible. I appreciate how you can make something that is potentially horrendous to me into something matter of fact and fixable. I've also appreciated the honesty from you and your staff on what to expect after surgery. It's the first time that what I experienced was what was explained to me.

My body feels relief and I feel very lucky to have found you!! Thank you again for all your many hours of work, study, research, and practice that's allowed so many of us to benefit. I will refer others to you whenever possible.

Grateful - A Patient in O.C.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to have my Labiaplasty procedure. Dr. Alinsod personally called me the very next day after researching his website. He was ready to answer all of my questions and I scheduled an appointment that day. He informed me of what to expect and how it is a regular procedure at his office. I couldn't believe how many women had the same surgery there every week! His office even provided me with a medical surgery loan option. I felt ready and confident about my decision. It was fast and painless. Dr. Alinsod and his staff made me feel very comfortable and secure during my surgery. Everyone was nice, experienced, and professional. Afterwards, if I had any questions Dr. Alinsod was always available via phone or email and returned my messages promptly. If I had known it was that easy I would have done it a long time ago! Before I found Dr. Alinsod I had consulted with other Dr's in the area who were very impersonable and left me feeling pressured. As soon as I spoke with Dr. Alinsod and researched his work I knew I had found the perfect place. I was so happy about my results and my experience with him and his staff that I kept him as my regular Dr. until I permanently moved out of state. To this day I still haven't found a better place or Dr. since! Thanks for your insight Dr. Alinsod. it's nice to know i can still bother you with all of my crazy questions! lol.....Thank you.

- Jacquelyn D. - 29, Las Vegas, NV.

“This was one of the BEST things that I could have ever done for myself…and my husband!! The procedure was incredibly easy with relaxing music and Dr. Alinsod and his staff explaining everything and keeping me comfortable every step of the way. I look and feel INCREDIBLE and can’t believe how perfect everything went. Thank you Dr. Alinsod. You’ve made me sooo happy!!” You guys are the Best!
- P, from San Diego

Since the birth of my 3rd child, I searched for a physician who would help me correct what I was told to be “normal” by numerous obstetricians / gynecologists. I thought I had stress incontinence, and knew I had large, uncomfortable labia, and a stretched vagina. I felt helpless until I met Dr. Alinsod. It was last year when I discovered Dr. Red Alinsod by searching the Internet. I contacted him via email and to my surprise was contacted the next day, which happened to be on a Saturday. I could not believe the quick response and his sincerity and loyalty to his patients. I immediately knew he was a genuine person and very experienced by our phone conversation. He understood my needs and scheduled a consult.

Dr. Alinsod performed a labiaplasty with unbelievable results. I was so impressed. I went back and within two months had a vaginoplasty, rectocele repair, and stress incontinence sling. My quality of life is 110% better. I travel from North County, San Diego area to Laguna to see Dr. Alinsod. I highly recommend traveling across the states to anyone seeking the highest quality, state-of-the-art treatment. Dr. Alinsod is compassionate and truly takes pride in his profession. He is professional and kind with communication being one of his best qualities. I recommend Dr. Alinsod to all of my family and friends. I truly wish that all physicians practiced medicine in the same manner as Dr. Alinsod. He is simply amazing. -- DM

When considering surgery, hands-down without a doubt, you can trust Dr. Alinsod. To say he’s a professional and a Master in this field is an understatement. I never dreamed outstanding results were possible for me. I am thrilled and relieved. My problem was I felt “that part” of my body never matched the rest of me, it looked 15 years older. Being in the entertainment industry, often times I have to change in front of people or wear minimal clothing, and I don’t fear or dread those moments anymore. I’m happier overall, more confident, and completely comfortable in my own skin. My only regret is not finding Dr. Alinsod 10 years ago before my original surgery.

--Happy in California

I truly cannot tell you how grateful I am for this entire experience. Your work is impeccable. I’m so happy that you chose to do this, and to share it!! And its been a pleasure visiting with you and the staff! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Have a great weekend!!! --Grateful in Southern California

Hey Doc! Though there is still some pain (understandably), I am healing beautifully!!!!!! I truly am stunned! ((:: The reality of my outstanding results are still sinking in! Thank you so much! I’m so grateful I found you, bc your work is brilliance! Have a great week! See ya in April! --Happy California Girl

Dr. Alinsod: I wanted to write to complement you on the wonderful practice you have developed at the Women’s Center at South Coast Medical Center. I recently had my first medical cosmetic treatment with Maggie Carpio and I could not have asked for a more positive experience. I was a bit apprehensive about what to expect but my nervousness quickly disappeared once I sat down with Maggie and she explained the process. She answered all of my questions, was thorough and knowledgeable and made this an extremely comfortable experience. She emphasized the importance of achieving the goals that I was looking to achieve and in the end we did just that. Thank you so very much! - C, San Juan Capistrano