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For many year I researched labiaplasty surgery and had numerous consultations, asked questions, and finally went to a plastic surgeon in La Jolla, CA. The plastic surgeon claimed to have done “many” labial surgeries among with her tummy tucks, faces, and breasts. Two weeks after surgery, I felt some stitches had come out and that something was terribly wrong. I should have trusted my gut instinct and went with a full time vaginal surgeon instead of a part time vaginal surgeon. The nurse at the plastic surgeons’ office gave me some instructions, which I followed completely, but I kept insisting something was amiss. Two weeks later a revision was done under a poorly done local anesthesia and I felt the entire procedure and was in pain. After the revision healed my labia were like flaps and were barely attached by thin strands. Now the well-known La Jolla surgeon changed from a nice professional to one with attitude and indifference. It was hurtful.

I was terrified to try and find the right surgeon to fix this bad result. There are many doctors who advertised performing labiaplasty but not fixing or revising them. It makes you wonder who are actually formally trained in labial surgery? I was very fortunate to find Dr. Red Alinsod as the expert in labial revision surgery. His credentials are as a vaginal surgeon first and foremost, not a breast or face or tummy expert but simply a world renowned vaginal surgeon. He responded immediately to emails and even gave his opinion on photos of my result without charge. He was a very compassionate person which made a huge difference. During my consultation with Dr. Alinsod he could not understand why I had been sutured the way I was or why the plastic surgeon approached the surgery in the manner she did. He spent a great deal of time with me to ease my fears and give me the options of how to go about fixing the labia. He told me how the blood supply to the labia minora varies greatly and how Wedge or Z-Plasty labiaplasties and skin removal techniques are prone to improper healing and “holes” and dangling tissues. After many discussions and emails I finally had Dr. Alinsod re-do my labiaplasty and I have not looked back with any regrets. I chose to have the “Barbie” technique, which Dr. Alinsod developed and perfected, as my revision procedure. I just wished I had gone to him first and not for the revision. It was a long and painful procedure to remove the old stitches and scar tissue left by my original surgeon but it has been worth the effort. My labia now are beautiful and natural looking. You cannot tell anyone had done surgery on me. My own doctors cannot tell.

My original labiaplasty and time of revision were two years apart and that time in between was very trying for me, emotionally and physically. Not only was Dr. Alinsod compassionate but he was professional as well. He never rushed me. My situation was not passed off as “No Big Deal.” I loved Dr. Alinsod’s care for me and think the world of him. I am now very happy with my labial appearance and feel a great deal of confidence to move forward with my life. Thank you Dr. Alinsod for not only your professionalism and expert hands but for your empathy and understanding.

Like many of his patients who travel many miles and over many states to see him, I now travel more than an hour to see him for my routine gynecology and aesthetic needs and I do so with a smile. Save time, money, and personal grief and have Dr. Alinsod as your surgeon. I am willing to speak with you personally about Dr. Alinsod and his team.

-- A Very Happy and Very Sincere Holly from So Cal
My “Hoover Dam”

I was asked to share my experience of my recent surgery, Transobturator Placed Suburethral Sling (otherwise known as “the sling” performed by Dr. Alinsod.

I am the Credentialing Coordinator at South Coast Medical Center. I work with Dr. Alinsod on a professional level (I coordinate continuing medical education and credential physicians at the hospital) and was told that I could write this article anonymously, but by sharing who I am, I believe will provide better insight into my experience.

Last November, I learned that my aunt, who lives in Idaho, recently had this surgery. Coincidentally, a few weeks later, Dr. Alinsod was the guest lecturer at our Grand Rounds presentation and spoke on the sling procedure. As I was listening to Dr. Alinsod, I realized that I did not need to live with my “leakage” every time I sneezed or coughed! But, could I really have Dr. Alinsod do the surgery? After all, I worked with him on a professional level, could I feel comfortable with Dr. Alinsod as my physician, especially for such a “private” procedure?

I set my concerns aside and made the appointment for January. Dr. Alinsod was so caring and made me so comfortable that any concerns I had melted away during that first appointment. I knew that I had made the right decision.

Surgery was scheduled for early March. But prior to that, I had to have a Urodynamic Study (bladder test). The test was scheduled with Maria in February. Although this was not an enjoyable test at all, it is such a necessary part of determining if you require surgery. The test confirmed that I did in fact have “leakage” and needed the surgery.

The day of surgery arrived. Dr. Alinsod was prompt and made me feel completely at ease. I knew that I was in good hands because of his caring demeanor and great bedside manner. The surgery was a success, so I was told. The proof would be in the pudding!

Amazingly, I felt very little pain. In fact, I had absolutely no “internal” pain. The most difficult part of the recovery was the muscular pain I had in my groin. My anesthesiologist told me that when you are under general anesthesia, your muscles are pliable and thus, Dr. Alinsod was able to position me in a way that he would not be able to do under normal circumstances. And, that pain felt like I had just run a marathon (but only for a few hours and controlled through Motrin). My surgery was performed on a Monday, and on Tuesday I went to play bunco. Yes, I was up and going, albeit still a little tender from the muscle pain, but determined not to miss bunco. You know when 12 ladies get together it can be a little crazy. Of course, one of the ladies in particular was trying to test out my new “hammock” as she called it, making me laugh hysterically. No leaks! But, it was still early.

The recovery process has been extremely easy. I missed only 2 days of work and have had no pain and only minor bleeding for a few days. Since the surgery I’ve had terrible sneezing attacks from my allergies and NO LEAKS!

Four weeks have passed since my surgery and last night was bunco. The first thing I was asked, “How is your Hoover Dam working!” FABULOUS was my response.

Ladies, you do not need to live with leakage. I have been so pleased with my experience with Dr. Alinsod and his staff, that I have referred two ladies to him. One will be having surgery in July and the other (one of the ladies from bunco) has her first appointment in April.

My life has changed forever, thanks to Dr. Alinsod.

-- Credentialing in the O.C.